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Asset Management

To extend the target group, CONact has also developed an application for the asset managers within the Cash Flow Sync Solution.

The Asset-Management extension enables Asset Manager of a portfiolio or basket to request current performance values of the engangements in form of accountancy data and actively import them into his locally used Asset-Management application. You have also the possibility to depose the particular asset management data and actively manage them. Thereof results the synergie that a Asset Manager may send an investor reportings or information concerning the engangement, no matter how profound, "day to day" and up-to-date without any own effort.

The synergie concerning data safety and data transer to several or other Asset Manager should be mentioned here,too.

 What do we consider as Asset Management?


To offer these functionalities, the field of Asset Management possesses interfaces to local Asset Management applications make a data transfer without one own's initiative or EPD-knowledge possible.

The Asset Management solution of CONact Market Entry Management GmbH has of course an interface for Cash Flow Sync and is actively used by customers.

If you are interested in the use of the Asset Management functionalities of Cash Flow Sync, just get in touch with us. We will be happy to give you a live demonstration. Should you be interested in more profound information about CONact's Asset Management application, you may find them under the appropriate category right here on this website.