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Cash Flow Sync (CFS) has integrated a default interface (CFS-XML). This enables property-management system and software companies to treat automatically all relevant booking information via third systems.
After checking and modifying, the altered booking status (incl. possible re-bookings) will, also automatically, be picked up and synchronized through the PM-/AM-Solution via (CFS-XML) using its integrated default interface.
On demand we gladly supply a test environment for software enterprises / clients to certify yourself for this product.
Besides individual customer solutions, a general certification for software concerns is neccessary and useful to provide this addtional use to all your customers.
Our very own Property Management software solutions is of course already certified for Cash Flow Sync, meaning that data may automatically be transferred to the portal and likewise altered data can be reimported into the application from the portal. 
 What features does Cash Flow Sync provide for Property Managers?
The Property Manager has with CFS the opportunity to transmit and maintain contract data incl. documents. This has the advantage that you can easily include roles like the Asset Manager into the sync progress and provide meaningful and up-to-date reportings for an investor.