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Cash Flow Sync is an internet-based portal, which is supposed to control the exchange of accountancy relevant data between a number of parties.

The product evolved from the need of a better coordination between the participants. To this has to be said that the pilot customer and ordering party Mensching Plus Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH, a big German tax advisor and auditor with a booking volume of approx. 4 billion Euro per year, asked for the receivement of its clients booking data.

In a first step all incidental bookings of the client are revision-safely and electronically transferred to the local DATEV system to be able to modify them thence.

In a second step of the project the, from the tax advisor modified, data are sent back to the client in electronical form. 

The image below shall explain the basic functionality. 


The results of this project are stated on the homepage of the AM-Sync-Solutions GmbH .

After completing the client project of Mensching Plus Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH, we decided to expand the portal. The following chart shall give you an impression of the extension. Please check out the sub-categories for more information.