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Global Estates Network

The Global-Estates-Network (GEN) is a multilingual and international real estate webportal.

The main idea behind this portal is to offer properties from any country to customers from any part of the world. The portal includes a unique tool that makes it possible to offer all information regarding any property in many languages at the same time.

The general appearance of this portal is similar to that of any other german "standard" portal, but it includes a tool which means a definitive added value: the possibility to download our CONactor Estates Agent Software, an application that permits to manage the whole sales process for any object. This tool lets you upload all your properties directly to the Global-Estates-Network, and also to the other major german real estate portals.

For the client, the GEN permits to monitor the state of all your properties, i.e., how many times it was reviewed on the net, how and when visited it, if there are scheduled visits, etc. 

If you want to get convinced about the advantages of using the Global Estates Network, just sign in now. Now you even have the possibility to download and use the CONactor Estates Agent completely for free.

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